I am a journalist Mediatory
I am a journalist Mediatory

You are a journalist!
Change niche articles into news of the day!

MediaTory were created to highlight and award quality journalism, which can be found around the world!

By giving annual rewards we are showing, that valuable journalism exists and is doing great. Society though expresses an opinion, that there are less and less sound articles and journalist themselves are responsible for that.

Meanwhile each and every one decides which articles become popular, promoted, more invested, by making daily choices – what to click and what to skip.

So we all influence quality of media industry!

That is why - for 10th anniversary of MediaTory plebiscite - we've made a clip in which every viewer will see themself. Our goal is to make people aware how huge is their influence on quality of media content.

We would like to encourage people
to be more responsible while reading, watching and listening to media.

We would like journalists
to create meaningful content, that will have sufficient space and audience.

Use #iamajournalist
whenever you share something meaningful.

MediaTory - awards given to journalists by students of 22 universities in Poland. Today after 10 years on the market, due to our independency and democracy, MediaTory are considered to be one of the greatest and most valuable awards in Polish media industry.
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